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Folderblog is a lightweight photolog script written in PHP. It uses XML as data storage and XSLT to generate HTML. It can be used as an image gallery or as a photolog - or for anything in between. It's intuitive, simple and fast. It does not require a database or knowledge in HTML. The theme engine is highly flexible and there are some pre-made designs included.
See the Demo or check out the Themes.


  1. Your provider allows .htaccess files
  2. You'll need mod_rewrite enabled (standard)
  3. PHP 5.3 or greater
  4. XSLT enabled
  5. GD or ImageMagick

After uploading Folderblog you can open /folderblog-path/server.php to see if your server complies with the requirements.


  1. Batch upload your files.
  2. Flexible themes. Switch themes with a click.
  3. SEO friendly markup in HTML.
  4. Basic image editing (rotate)
  5. Unlimited albums or Categories
  6. Multiple user accounts
  7. No database required
  8. Fully functional without Javascript
  9. Images and thumbnails are automatically cached. Stylesheets and javascripts are also minified
  10. Supports different languages using translation files

Getting Started

  1. 1. Download the tar.gz archive and upack it to your computer
  2. 2. Upload its contents to your webserver (Can be the document root or any subfolder)
  3. 3. Make sure these directories and their subfolders are writebale for Apache:
    /cache, /folders and /lib/data
  4. 4. Verify server requirements<folderblog-path>/server.php
  5. 5. Now open Folderblog in your browser.<folderblog-path>/
  6. 6. Enter a name for your Photolog and to set a password for superuser.
  7. 7. Now you can log into the admin panel at<folderblog-path>/admin/ and start photo blogging.


Folderblog allows the use of different themes. They can be found (or added to) /addons/themes of your Folderblog installation.


Folderblog is open source, and thus is published under the GNU Public Domain License.
Feel free to use and modify or even re-publish Folderblog as long as you use the same license. If you do so, it would be nice if you drop me a line and include a reference to this site.


Folderblog comes with no support. Folderblog is open source software, so you are free to improve and modify the code to your needs. If you need a forum or more documentation you can request it.


Folderblog has been developed and maintained by Donald Tetto for many years.
This version, however, is a complete rewrite of the software by Erik Pöhler. I sticked to the idea of Folderblog of being easy to use, and not being bloated. Folderblog makes use of other pre-made tools, like the jQuery Javascript library, phpThumb for all image resizing tasks, and Minify for script compression. Thanks to Atlassian for supporting this project with a JIRA license.

Last but not least, a big "Thank You!" to everybody who uses Folderblog.